About Us

Our company has established in 1978, by founder ALİ TATLISUMAK, as a small company which was aimed to customer satisfaction and was producing “hard candies “with high quality in a workhouse which built on 300 square metres area.

The company started to produce, “soft candy” in 1990, “cocolin products” in 2001 and also begun to use the brand of ŞORAY as the company name.

We have extended our production capacity in 2014 by new producing line for jelly candy.

We take firm steps forward for being a strong brand with using high qualified human resources,machineries and raw materials, and keep extending product ranges with the most adequate contidioned ways for human health.

Today, we produce the products in our factory which has been built up 20.000 centares field in Konya Organized Industrial Area. We have great numbers of distrubitors and retailers all around Turkey and we also export our products more than 40 countries around the globe.

The top priority of ŞORAY Company is making people smile with a “good taste” of our products. We are proud to reveal the smile on our customers faces with the motto “A sweet smile.”